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Understanding the Role of a Commercial Law Firm When Running a Business

A Must-Read For Businesses In Israel

You need to choose a commercial law firm to represent your business so that you have protection from your unfair trade practices on the part of competitors, patent and trademark infringement, and litigation and lawsuits. You can contact David Page Law for assistance, and you will learn about what a lawyer can do for your business. You need to have someone to turn to when you realize trouble is brewing in your industry.

1. Why Do You Need A Lawyer On Retainer?

You need a top lawyer from David Page Law on retainer so that he or she will answer the phone and render timely advice when you call or fire off an email. Your lawyer should be consistently and loyally representing you, and you can drop his or her name in any conversation you have about your business. Knowing that you have a lawyer gives you peace of mind, and you can refer people to your lawyer when they want to challenge or attack you. It is better for you to have a lawyer you can call right away, and he or she can take up your defense when anyone contacts them with a problem.

2. Contracts and Agreements

Contracts in commercial business can be very complex because they involve involve issues like guarantees, supply chain management, global transport, contracts with local governments, conflict resolution, and navigating businesses that are registered on completely different continents. You must have commercial law firms read your contracts so that you know those contracts are legal, helpful for your company, and easy to enforce. You need to know what contracts are necessary for your business to protect its interest. And you should not sign a contract until you have spoken to your lawyer, and you need an experienced lawyer to write many of your contracts. They can construct a contract that helps your business, and your lawyer can ensure that the contract is legal and comprehensive. This alone makes it

easier for you to do business because your partners will have clarity and a proper framework of agreements for doing business with your company.

3. Negotiations

You might have entered into negotiations with another company about a partnership or joint venture or exclusive distribution agreement or IP licensing, or you might plan to sell shares in your company. It is wise to have a lawyer present because that lawyer can provide you with bargaining power. Your lawyer knows the parameters of the law, and he or she can lead the negotiation for you, based on training in proven negotiation technique for mediation, negotiations, and arbitration such as the Harvard Negotiation Project’s Getting to Yes methods based on core interests and win-win outcomes. It is much safer to negotiate when you have a lawyer, and commercial law firms are expert in negotiating when you have a deal that you know needs to go through as soon as possible. Allow your lawyer to explain what you want, send you all the agreements and understandings they have come to, and sign off on the deal you are most comfortable with, in close consultation with you.

4. Working with Employees

Having a lawyer on retainer helps you represent your company in negotiations with your key employees, whether in negotiating an employment contract or assigning IP and inventions including patentable inventions, or if those employees have been implicated in any wrongdoing. You need a lawyer there by your side advising you who will help explain the situation. You will find that your lawyer takes up defense of your interests in a principled way as a priority, and you will appreciate the peace of mind that a good lawyer provides.

5. Conclusion

Have an experienced commercial law firm work with you in all the important matters and cases that come across your desk as company management. You need to protect your interests, and that of your company, against those who attempt to compromise those interests. Having a lawyer backing you up who will review your contracts and will let you know what they believe your best options are is a smart move. You can consult with your attorney at any time (which is why you should have them on a retainer), and they will give you the best client care to ensure that you can rest assured that your legal interests are well-represented.

For more on commercial litigation and legal advice on business law and contracts (Israel and the US), consult David Page Law.

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