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Why Choose David Page Law Corporate Law Firm in Israel?

Choosing the right corporate lawyer can impact every element of your business. There are many corporate law firms in Israel to choose from. Learn why many wise corporate executives choose the David Page Law Firm for their business legal counsel.

David Page Law’s Integrity

Israeli businesses provide the essential products and services that the nation needs to thrive.  Technology, corporate and business legal counsel can help your established business or startup establish solid foundations.  You can succeed when you choose the right corporate legal counsel.

David Page Law offers Expertise, Understanding and Integrity

Corporate executives have a lot on their plate. They need to be able to trust that their corporate company legal counsel will be dependable, reliable and ethical, and serve their best interests, wisely, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner.  These are the corporate services provided by David Page Law:

  • Business Contracts
  • Incorporation Documentation
  • Business Strategy
  • Global Partnerships
  • Corporate Governance and Filings
  • IP Strategy and Patent and Trademark Filings
  • Commercial Real Estate

We provide expertise, understanding and integrity to help you can grow your business.

Business Contracts & Business Strategy

What will be your business relationship with inventors, distributors and licensees? The best corporate law firms in Israel will provide you with plenty of room to grow. We can write exclusive or non-exclusive distribution agreements and exclusive or non-exclusive license agreements, as well as agreements such as non-competition and non-circumvention agreement, commercial leases, and more.

Our lawyers can assist you with the drafting of business licensing agreements (technologies or products), IP licensing agreements, joint venture (JV) agreements and agent agreements. Creating the right legal relationships will provide you with contract law protection. Protect your assets with rock-solid business contracts. We are also business partners. We can provide you with valuable business advice in structuring your business relationships. With David Page legal risk management analysis, your business assets are well-protected.

Incorporation Documentation

Business owners will use incorporation documents to establish authority and liability. We can help startups prepare for an IPO. We can draft signature rights documents, so you can determine who is authorized to make key expenditure decisions for the company.

Investors need to know that their interests are legally protected. We can write articles of incorporation, bylaws, invention agreements and company stock purchase agreements, as well as executive employment agreements. Ensure that your executives are well-compensated.

Global Partnerships

International commerce has made it necessary for companies to be competitive. How can you compete with the top international brands?

Our breadth of expertise spans Israel, US, Europe, Asia and beyond.  We are fluent in seven languages.  We can help you create a competitive global brand.  David Page Law international business law expertise positions your company, so you can succeed globally.

One of the challenges of corporate law is that you don’t know if you have a problem until it is too late. That is why you need an expert firm such as David Page Law on your side. We can engage in the due diligence to protect your corporate name, assets and brand.   We can solve problems while they are only potential problems rather than real headaches for your company.

We, at David Page Law firm, look forward to serving you.  No company can succeed alone.  When you have one of the best corporate law firms in Israel on your side, you have a solid legal foundation to grow your business.

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