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Fixed price billing and packages based on client needs. Top-notch lawyering with integrity

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Visiting clients onsite to become better acquainted with and integrated into the key decision-making teams in companies.

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Putting client service and genuine care and concern for client’s best interests first and foremost

Why Choose Us

  • Expertise and Integrity
  • Top-notch Lawyering
  • Crafting complex commercial law, corporate law, regulatory compliance, trust and estate law issues
  • No Hourly Billing, No Unpleasant Surprises
  • No Open-Ended and Unexpected Bills, Maximizing Lawyering, Minimizing Headaches
  • Onsite Visits and Company-Oriented Lawyering
  • Attorneys Licensed to Practice in Israel and the United States of America
  • David Page Law is the Founder of InsideOutside Counsel,


Business, Corporate, Regulatory, and Financial Attorney in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel –
David Page Law

David Page is a premier business, corporate, and financial lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel.

David’s firm and InsideOutside Counsel are based on three very simple principles:

  1. Expertise and Integrity.  Top-notch lawyering with integrity;
  2. No Hourly Billing, No Unpleasant Surprises.  Fixed price billing and packages based on client needs;
  3. Onsite Visits and Company-Oriented Lawyering.  Visting clients onsite to become better acquainted with and integrated into the key decision-making teams in companies.

You deserve a law firm on your side that is both savvy and possesses the know-how to help you succeed and thrive in the competitive environment in Israel, the United States, Europe, China, and beyond Israel’s border to wherever your important business and legal affairs take you.

David Page Law offers know-how in the areas of business law, wills, trusts, and estates and probate, residential and commercial real estate, including TAMA 38 investments and due diligence, corporate law, intellectual property including global patent and trademark strategies and filings, labor and employment law, as well as regulatory compliance in the environmental and medical arenas, including medical devices, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, chemicals regulation and more.

Our lawyers will never bill you by the hour, but always via fixed, transparent pricing so you always know what to expect, and you will always get a fair and reasonable deal for quality work.  Our attorneys are fluent in multiple languages.  The firm’s commitment to you is to provide smart and holistic legal counsel, to keep your best interests at heart, and serve you with kindness and dedicated commitment.

David Page Law – This Is What Great Legal Services With Integrity Look Like.   



Meticulous and Careful

David Page Law’s work is meticulous and careful. The firm is tightly focused on the client’s interests. We are extremely satisfied with this firm’s work, and feel fortunate to have retained the firm.

Zev Meisels
TAMA 38 Real Estate Development Project

Due Diligence

David Page and his firm have performed due diligence into a number of investments for me, their insight, thoroughness, expertise and helpfulness are exemplary.

J. Schoenberg


I’m extremely thankful that I have the opportunity to know David Page and his firm. David is extremely knowledegable in International business affairs, and has helped my company and myself in numerous ways. David is much more then a good attorney, he works with you on a personal level with great devotion and honesty.

Yehuda Israel
CEO, Rockland Cosmetics Inc