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Applying For a Global Patent? Here Is How an IP Attorney Can Help You

A global patent is obligatory for any person with a patentable discovery. It grants you official ownership, prevents other people from using your discovery without permission, and it lets you earn financial benefits from your invention.

Despite the benefits, filing a global patent can be an uphill task. In fact, the process requires a reputable intellectual property attorney to guide you through. The process involves the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application, a framework to which most important relevant patent jurisdictions (including Israel, the European Union, the US, China, India, and Korea) are signatories.

 How will the intellectual property attorney help?

The attorney will help you execute a patent search

Your business attorney will evaluate your invention to establish if it is patentable, and then conduct a patent search to determine if it is already patented. You can only receive a patent if your discovery is fresh and non-patented. There are free patent searches available online, but you get what you pay for, it is better to execute a proper search.

The attorney will help you prepare a patent application

If your innovation is patentable (for example, possessing the key qualities of novelty and inventive step), the intellectual property attorney will help you prepare a provisional or a non-provisional application. The applications will help you secure the patent.

A provisional application protects your invention before you determine its actual market value. It temporarily prevents other innovators from claiming proprietorship of your innovation after you reveal it.

There is also the option of a design patent rather than a utility patent. While a utility patent has to be a novel invention, a design patent can protect a unique design, although in some ways it is less strong than a utility patent.

If you understand your invention’s commercial value, the business attorney will help you draft a non-provisional request. The non-provisional application will prompt relevant authorities to scrutinize and approve the utility patent application or design patent application.

The attorney will file your application with your country’s patenting authorities

After drafting a detailed patent application, your intellectual property attorney will submit the application and the necessary fees to your country’s relevant intellectual property authority. If you are a United States’s citizen, the attorney will send the patent request to the United States Patent and Trademark Office or the Israeli Patent and Trademark Office, etc.

The attorney will help you file a foreign patent application

After filing a provisional application with your country’s patent and trademark authority, the intellectual property attorney will help you draft and file a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application.

Your Business attorney Israel will make help you complete the PCT request form, write an application that explains your invention clearly, as well as clarify the kind of protection you want.

Afterward, the legal officer will submit the application to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for reviewing and approval.

The attorney will help you nationalize your patent

If WIPO approves your patent application, the attorney will help you nationalize the patent in countries of your choice. As an example, if you are seeking patent protection in the UK, your attorney will submit the PCT application to the UK’s intellectual property office.

He or she will make sure that the application is submitted at the right time, it is translated to the country’s official language, and it meets the country’s specific patent rules.

Your attorney will help you enforce your patent

Your property attorney will help you file lawsuits just in case someone uses or copies your idea without permission. Your business attorney Israel will make sure that your intellectual property is upheld across the globe.

Take Away

As can be seen, applying for a global patent is not an easy procedure. The task requires a trained legal expert to help you draft and submit a patent application to the relevant authorities. Besides filing the necessary paperwork, the IP attorney will help you enforce your patent rights.

But, where can you find a reputable attorney to help you? Finding a good business attorney can be a challenge. However, if you reside in the United States or Israel, you can get help from David Paige Law firm’s intellectual property professionals.

The legal firm collaborates with a team of attorneys with a wealth of experience in intellectual property law. They have helped thousands of tech companies, individual innovators, and private companies through the intricate process of applying for a global patent.

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