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Benefit of having an expert mediator, negotiator, and arbitration lawyer for difficult negotiations

Can an Attorney Expert in Negotiations, Arbitrations, and Mediations Help?

When you’re up to your neck in a difficult negotiation that has a major impact on your life – whether a business negotiation or an employment-related negotiation or a real estate negotiation or a settlement negotiation in litigation or an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) arbitration or mediation, life can seem pretty miserable and your future can seem like it’s hanging in the balance and potentially going absolutely nowhere. Dreams of building a business or owning a home, putting a difficult lawsuit behind you, or even buying a new car, or taking a dream vacation, seem no longer possible. This is especially so in Israel, where negotiations, mediations, and arbitrations can be surprisingly tough and emotional. In the middle of it all, life can seem to become an unending process of dealing with a seemingly never ending conflict and negotiation. If you really want to get to yes, in the words of the Harvard Negotiation Project, you need a good lawyer who knows the ins-and-outs of negotiating, arbitrating, and mediating difficult deals and conflicts.

Why you need a lawyer who is an experienced mediator arbitrator for litigation settlement

If you truly want to stop a costly lawsuit, whether as a plaintiff or as a defendant, then it is crucial that you hire a professional negotiation attorney or mediation or arbitration lawyer who can get to yes in a way that will to the extent possible protect you and your important values. An attorney that specializes in negotiation has a greater understanding of the dynamics of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) than typical attorneys and generally has the ability to navigate emotions and interests. A good attorney will also possess strong negotiating skills and will fight on your behalf to get you the best settlement possible.

Is the cost of a negotiation and settlement attorney worth it?

An attorney is paid to fight for you and to get to yes. Whether it’s a criminal or civil case, a business negotiation or a real estate matter, a paid attorney should do his or her absolute best to get you the results you deserve for your money. Keep in mind that not all lawyers are created equal, so it’s important to find a reputable attorney with a proven track record for successful negotiation who is also trained in negotiation techniques. That being said, a good debt negotiation lawyer is well worth the money you spend on his or her fees and services. A good lawyer can literally save you thousands of dollars in legal costs and business losses by negotiating a win-win solution to conflicts, making deals go through to your advantage, and achieving reductions, charge-offs, and repayment plans, among other things.

How to choose the right lawyer for your debt negotiation

You should never choose the first lawyer you come across to negotiate a deal. Especially when sensitive negotiations are at issue, a lawyer’s personal quality of character are particularly important: Will he or she understand the two sides and be able to subtly and sensitively forge a solution or compromise to conflict? Will he or she be too tempermental and emotional to carve out a win-win settlement? Are his or her language skills good enough to pick up on signalling from the parties that might lead to a way out of an impasse? Making a spontaneous and uninformed choice when choosing an attorney negotiator could lead to more trouble and a lot of wasted money. Research the lawyer or law firm before you schedule a consultation. Check the firm’s or Lawyer’s reviews and look for red flags. Make a list of your top three prospects and follow up with a phone call and a consultation. When meeting with an attorney, ask a lot of questions, and inquire about references. Find out exactly what the attorney can do for you and how he or she plans to go about achieving your negotiation goals.

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