July 23, 2021 In Business Law in Israel

Business Lawyer in Israel and Dubai and the UAE

Shifting Regional Politics and Diamonds

The very same week that Israel and the UAE normalized relations, an Israeli diamond trader wasted no time and headed right over to the United Arab Emirates to open a company in Dubai, recognized as a major trade center for precious stones. He is hardly the only one with such ambitions and qualifications and the Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC), which is the home of the Dubai Diamond Exchange, has contacted several Israeli traders to invite them to set up their businesses in Dubai and the UAE. This is a crystal clear sign of changing global trade dynamics in a previously troubled region and win-win opportunities for Israel and the UAE. A business lawyer in Israel is undoubtedly essential for any deals with Dubai and the UAE.

Israelis no Stranger to the Diamond Trade

From the modest beginning of the State of Israel, polished diamonds were one of its few exports. For many years, Israeli diamond traders traditionally dealt with Antwerp, Belgium, reputedly the world’s largest center for rough and polished diamonds. A good connection in the diamond trade got boxes directly from Belgium.

Since business opportunities have opened up between Israel and Dubai and the UAE, almost fifty Israeli companies wanted to register with a prominent, international gem trading company. For any young Israeli businessman, the opportunity to do business and a business lawyer in Israel, with the ability to broker trade agreements with Dubai and the UAE is essential. David Page is an Israeli lawyer, expert in contracts and all forms of agreements.

No More Ban

The UAE has canceled a law that banned trade with Israel. This ban has opened channels for fruitful economic endeavors between Israel and Dubai and the Emirates.

Direct Flights Soon to Come

It won’t be long before direct flights between Israel, Dubai and the UAE will be fully booked. This will not only help promote business deals, which will require business lawyers in Israel and Dubai and the UAE but will also create many new jobs in the travel and tourism industry.

Academia is Not Left Out

Of late, even foreign students from Dubai and the UAE have gone to Israel to study in universities. Informational exchange will, inevitably, lead to future, cooperative research that can be done bi-nationally and enrich the wellsprings of knowledge all around. If not in the short run, then most certainly in the long run, future generations will surely benefit from all such efforts and future companies will provide many jobs, that will increase opportunity for job satisfaction and gainful employment. Business lawyers in Israel and Dubai and the UAE will have their work cut out for them and in plentiful supply.

Improved and Advanced Medical Services

An Israeli medtech startup is teaming up with a Dubai based corporation. Always a center for medical research and innovation, Israel has seen numerous startup companies in recent years in medical technology and device development. Israel and Dubai and the UAE have got the global COVID-19 recession almost beat.

Digi-tech for Remote Medical Care

Digital technology can shape the future of medicine by offering a full range of remote medical care and solutions for remote outpatient monitoring, to name just two aspects. Doctors and medical teams from anywhere around the globe, will be able to offer services through a call center that gets incoming queries from a patient application to whichever medical staff is available and suitable. Business lawyers in Israel and Dubai and the UAE will write up insurance policies and claims, as well as contracts, to secure these services and remunerate service providers.

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