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David Page Commercial Law firm Israel / Role of Commercial Law firm

Someone rightly claimed, “if someone wants to go corporate, then they should know how to play chess with the corporate law.” Although the statement is correct, but gone are the days when the owner, partners of a business venture, used to worry about the law. Today, when the corporate rules are so complex and varied on every aspect of doing business, it is not humanly possible to handle a corporate venture and hassle with the fine print of the law as well. In such cases, an association of people come to your aid and take the burden of legal matters from you. These associations are commonly known as commercial law firms.

Commercial Firm and Operating Domains

A commercial law firm is a collection of corporate lawyers who deal in different domains of corporate law. Corporate lawyers delve into the realm of advising the corporations or government on business-related statutes and legal issues. The major areas in which commercial law firms operate is as following:

  • Corporate Law: This is the foremost department of business law firms. The corporations must have all their paperwork according to the corporate laws of the place where they want to operate. The work of the law firm is to get all the documents and permissions completed to ensure the smooth operations of the corporation. They also work to negotiate the middle ground or path of least resistance in case there is any law that is against the operating procedure or policy of the corporation.
  • Finance and Banking: Finance is one of the most valuable domains for companies in commercial law firms. The law-firms advice and ensure the protection of their clients against any fraud in case of any deal. They also make sure that the financial assets of the company don’t get involved in the dark side of the law. The lawyers prepare iron-clad documents that prevent their clients from any financial harm by remaining on the right side of the law.
  • Dispute Resolution: Disputes are bound to happen when operating a business, and that where the commercial law firms come to your aid. The lawyers get the best out of a dispute by resolving it as mediators or by preparing the supporting legal documents for their clients.
  • Other departments may include taxation where the lawyers advise on investments and policies that would save the company from standard taxation slabs legally. It also includes Real estate, which is a different industry and deals in separate laws.

Regulatory Law Israel

“Promotion of competition and reduction of concentration-2013” can be termed as a regulatory law-Israel. Regulatory laws are statute laws which are promoted by a legislative branch. Regulatory lawyers have their work cut out to help their clients navigate these laws, which may apply or hinder their organizations.

“Resources are hired to give results, not reasons.”

How David Page Law Firm is Revolutionising all this with small changes

David Page Law is a law firm based in Israel, and we believe in results, integrity, and reasonable billings. There is just no space for excuses in our work ethics. David has had an experience of more than seven years and brings much academic intellect to the table as he has lectured a faculty of law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is licensed to practice law in Israel and New York state. Our team is one of the best to have when you are looking for a way out, in the maze that is corporate law.

We believe in a tailored and well-strategized solution for every client and business. Our work principles dictate that there is no general solution for any two enterprises, albeit its size and turnover. This is the reason and pivot point of our working closely with clients. We visit onsite to get accustomed to the conditions of the client and the working environment. We integrate ourselves into the working of the company and become a part of the decision making machinery, which leads to strategizing marvels. We create focused solutions and strategies for the growth and stability of your business and guide it to flourish.


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