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David Page US and Israeli Lawyer (Attorney) in Jerusalem

For assistance with corporate, business, finance, intellectual property, estate planning or real estate law, consult the David Page Law US and Israeli lawyer (attorney) in Jerusalem.

American-Israeli Lawyer

At the David Page Law office Americans, Israelis and duel-citizens will be able to obtain legal services that safeguard their legal needs and interests in Israel, the United States or in both jurisdictions. David Page Law provides legal advice and support for legal matters that relate to corporate  and finance law, real estate law, estate planning and other business and financial law issues.

David Page Law specializes in facilitating legal processes that are acceptable under both Israeli and American Law.

Turn to David Page Law for assistance in

  • drafting wills, trusts and estate plans
  • receiving guidance for probating an estate
  • registering a trademark or a patent
  • processing a contract for a residential or commercial real estate transaction
  • ensuring that your workers’ rights are secured under labor and employment law
  • ensuring that your business adheres to regulatory compliance under environmental law
  • registering a business or a partnership in the United States, in Israel or in both jurisdictions
  • expediting compliance in tax law regulations of American companies doing business in Israel, Israeli companies doing business in America or any international transactions
  • more

Why David Page Law

You can find websites on the Internet – many operated by law offices – where you can download forms that you can use to file documents, write up contracts and undertake other tasks for which you would otherwise need to consult with an attorney. Why should you turn to David Page Law, a US and Israeli Lawyer in Jerusalem?

The do-it-yourself forms and documents carry with them tremendous legal risk. If you don’t expedite each separate document exactly according to the law, you can find yourself unprotected in case of a legal challenge. In addition, these downloadable documents don’t relate to the needs of any specific circumstances. A lawyer can assess your situation and create the kind of detailed document that you need for real estate purchases, partnership filings, intellectual property applications and more.

In addition, if you find that you need to present your case to a government office or to a court of law, David Page Law will be able to ensure that you are at no risk by backing you up with all the documents that you need to prove your case.

International Law

There are many law offices in Israel that can expedite your legal needs within the Israeli legal system. David Page Law does that as well. However, if you are undertaking legal transactions that relate to both American and Israeli law, you can reduce your risks by working with an attorney who is licensed to practice law in both jurisdictions.

David Page Law is licensed by the State of Israel and by the state of New York. The filings of the David Page Law office are accepted internationally and, if needed, David Page Law can represent you in both jurisdictions.

Safeguard your legal interests through the David Page Law Office in Jerusalem.

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