David Page US and Israeli Lawyer (Attorney) in Jerusalem

When you are in the process of organizing financial affairs you must make sure that you are safeguarded  for any type of eventuality. Regardless of whether your legal concerns regard Israeli law, American law or an intersection between the two law systems you can rely on David Page Law, US and Israeli lawyer (attorney) in Jerusalem to facilitate contracts, documents, filings and other legal procedures in a way that will secure your interests.

David Page Law is an Israeli-American lawyer. He is based in Jerusalem and can assist you with any legal needs regarding American or Israeli law involving wills, estate plans, probate, residential and commercial real estate, corporate law, intellectual property law and labor and employment law.

David Page Law is licensed to practice in both the United State and in Israel so he is uniquely suited to assist in matters involving either US or Israeli jurisprudence or in cases where the two legal systems converge. The David Page Law office can file for trademarks or patents that protect your intellectual property worldwide, draw up contracts that will be enforced by the law offices of both countries and facilitate any legal procedures regarding real estate law and aspects of business law.


When preparing to buy, rent or improve property, clients can rely on David Page Law attorney in Jerusalem to write and review contracts that safeguard the rights and interested of all parties to the agreement. The David Page Law office will perform title searches, prepare mortgage documents, handle transfers of funds and write title insurance policies.

Businesses and corporations that conduct business in Israel, in America or in both jurisdictions can turn to David Page Law for all issues regarding tax law, zoning, intellectual property law, securities, bankruptcy and more. The David Page Law office will help clients draft contracts, facilitate mergers, file for patents and trademarks, assist start-ups find capital to build and expand and more.

Intellectual Property

Filing for patents or trademarks can be done through online standardized forms but those forms do little to protect the trademark or patent holder in case of legal difficulties. David Page Law will file the needed documents in a way that protects the patent or trademark holder’s rights in all circumstances, in any dispute anywhere in the world.


Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning and Probate


Filing a will, creating a trust, planning an estate and facilitating a probate can be complicated and time-consuming, even when only one jurisdiction is involved. When the filings must take into account the legal requirements of two jurisdictions, the process can be even more complex. Having a US/Israeli lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel, who is an expert in these types of legal procedures is vital to ensure that the process is facilitated according to your wishes.


Business Law

Every industry has its own unique commercial and law issues. Regardless of the type of business in which you engage, you need an attorney that specializes in business law so that you’ll be able to find the right solutions to any legal issues.

Don’t wait till it’s too late to speak to a US/Israeli lawyer about your individual legal needs. Call David Page Law for a consultation today.

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