Does Intellectual Property Require a Law Firm in Israel?

Trademarks. We see them all the time and take them for granted. They are drilled into our heads through repeated advertising. We get earworms, those tunes that we just can’t get out of our heads, from repeated jingles in commercials, music video and radio broadcasts. We get ideas from them, even if we then come up with, design or write our own brainchildren. Those ubiquitous images, sounds and words are the intellectual property of the people who first crafted them and are protected, under penalty of law.

Israel was far from the cutting edge relating to these issues and over the years, ideas were often stolen from those with brilliant, inspired streaks who lacked the knowledge and financial wherewithal, by those with the money, connections and economic leverage to market and promote, even register them as their own. While there are gray areas, such as academic papers that are notoriously usurped by more veteran academics to be published, either partially or in their entirety – in today’s global network, original posts can be tracked to find the time and place and determine whose it was in the first place.

Creative Teams and Securing Trademarked Intellectual Property

Many times, the best, outstanding and winning ideas were actually crafted by not one sole party but a team of visionaries. When all is good, smiles and laughter fills the think tank and the creation is ready to launch, people don’t always think of contingencies should relationships sour or something happen to one of the mortals and his or her family will want to make a claim to his or her portion.

To minimize unpleasantness and legal battles when teams disband, a lawyer who is expert in securing your trademarked rights is indispensable. A “legal eagle” with an intellectual property law firm in Israel is David Page, licensed both, in the U. S. and Israel, who will meticulously prepare any required document required, and diligently see to it that your trademark is properly registered and that your work is copyrighted in an ironclad manner.

New Transparency Despite Intellectual Property

Israelis typically don’t want to reveal much. The society as a rule is disrespectful of boundaries and nobody will tell you anything of substance, leaving you to figure things out on your own. Today’s younger generation aspires towards more transparency but theft of intellectual property is nothing new and dates back to the dawn of man.

Israeli Culture of a Bygone Era and Intellectual Property Today

Typical Israelis lived close together with open windows and sat on balconies, where they heard their neighbors and their neighbors heard them. There was little or no privacy and any one brain wave resonated far and wide. Nobody heard of protected ideas and imitation abounded. As a result, those with really creative works kept them under wraps, to prevent their being stolen and copied.

Today’s Israel is far more sophisticated and people know that they have to be certain that their trademarks are not already in use by anyone else. They also know that they have to renew trademarks when they expire. With the world continuously evolving to depend on modern technologies, intellectual property law firms in Israel will face new challenges, drafting documents and methods to secure rights for rightful owners.



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