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Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts and Estate and Probate in Israel and the US

US citizens living in Israel can take care of all of their estate planning, wills, trusts, and estates and probate in Israel and the US through the David Page Law office in Jerusalem.

David Page offers a full range of services relating to wills, trusts, estate planning and probate for U.S. citizens, Israeli citizens and individuals who hold dual citizenship. David Page Law is licensed to practice law in both the United States and in Israel which ensures that all documents prepared in the Jerusalem law office will be valid in both the United States and in Israel.

Planning Ahead

Individuals who want to ensure that their assets will be distributed according to their wishes after their passing must prepare in advance by creating an estate plan. Each person prepares the relevant documents according to his or her specific set of circumstances based on whether he needs a will or a trust and in which country the estate plan is to be probated.

Individuals who have assets in either or both the United States and in Israel, or who have beneficiaries in either or both of the countries, must make sure that their wishes are expressed in a way that conforms to the legal systems in both countries. If the legal statutes of either country are not followed, the entire bequest may be invalidated and assets distributed in a way that does not meet your expectations.


When you begin the process of preparing an estate plan, you must first find out whether, for your needs, you need a will, a trust or some other type of estate plan. A trust is a fund that you create that provides for the management and distribution of your assets, both during your lifetime and after your passing. A will is your last testament which goes beyond the funds themselves – you can name guardians for your children, appoint an executor for your estate and make any other final wishes known. An estate plan includes the will and the trust but also involves other elements such as Advanced Healthcare Directives and naming of Power of Attorney.

If you are getting ready to create a document that lays out your wishes in the event of your passing, you need to take all possible scenarios into consideration. This includes preparing to have your assets transferred from one country to another in a way that meets the legal restrictions of both countries. In such a case, you need the services of an American-Israeli lawyer such as David Page Law who is specifically trained in the intricacies of the laws of inheritance in both Israel and in America.

Internet Forms

Today, you can find will, estate plan and trust fund templates on the Internet. The companies that put up these forms will tell you that you can fill out these forms for a fraction of what it would cost you to go to a lawyer.  This is true, it costs very little to download the form from the Internet and fill it out.

However, such forms don’t take into account your personal circumstances, including the necessity for two-country authentication. Relying on such forms puts your financial legacy at high risk.

For a complete assessment of your estate planning needs, contact David Page Law in Jerusalem.

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