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Finding an Estate and Probate Lawyer in Israel

Failing to plan is planning to fail. One might think that there is no such thing as post-mortem failure. The benefactor, once deceased, certainly can’t be blamed for anything going on in this world anymore, right? Right. However, the beneficiaries can be left with no small mess to clean up and sort out, for lack of estate planning.

The US and Israel’s laws change often and quicker than citizens might be aware of. To ensure that all assets reach the rightful hands, when the time comes, legal documents, filed properly and on time, are the only things that can do this. Unless you want to run the risk that your assets might be impounded or usurped by governments and entangled in red tape, you absolutely must hire professional advisors and/or lawyers who understand your aim and you need to leave everything, down to the minutest detail, in order when you leave. Lawyers, expert in estate planning and knowledgeable in both, American/US and Israeli law, can best do this. The offices of David Page Law is a leader in this field and sensitive to your wishes. It will secure the transfer of any property, as well as other personal affairs, when the time comes.

You might also prefer that a neutral party handle the execution and administration of all matters pertaining to your estate. A licensed, expert lawyer is the best for such a job. National law or a last will and testament would be adhered to in all such business.

Should you choose to appoint a layperson to handle your estate, that party could have questions that pertain to taxes or legalities, especially if the matter involves two countries. An expert estate, trusts, wills, and probate lawyer is the best person for such a job and will help the administrator and benefactors get through the legal process.

If leaving a trust or will document is your choice, you would be wise to seek counsel of an experienced wills, trusts, and estate planning lawyer. Although one can find templates that can be downloaded for free from the Internet, it would be like being your own attorney, which is strongly ill-advised. Hire a professional to advise you, and make sure that all witnesses and signatures are validated properly, according to applicable laws. The lawyer will also explain all your options, including the types of wills or trusts that would best serve you and your loved ones, as well as any taxes and legal formalities that are applicable.

Why You Need a Wills, Trusts, and Estates Lawyer in Israel

There are many who feel that drawing up documents providing for loved ones after their demise is inviting death or bad luck, or the such. In fact, there is a way to word a will or trust document that is permitted under Jewish law. At the law firm of David Page, the process, upon your asking, will be done in accordance with religious prescription and no violation of law or customs will be done.

The stressful mental turmoil and anguish of grief is inevitable, in some way or another. It hits like a tsunami and in many cases, surviving family members also have to deal with a convoluted or missing will. Furthermore, a will that is recognized in one country does not have to be recognized in another. One example is an oral will, which could be recognized in Israel, if recorded properly. However, it is rarely applicable or recognized in the United States of America.

In the absence of an official document, duly witnessed or validated by a notary lawyer in Israel, your probate affairs are most definitely not in order. Make sure that your earthly goods are given into the hands of those loved ones whom you intended. Your expert trust and estate lawyer will guarantee a smoother transition.

Also, if you draft a trust instrument for the US and a durable power of attorney document that doesn’t meet the latest legal requirements of your state, your beneficiaries could be in for unpleasant surprises.

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