How To Hire A Right Attorney For You and Your Matter?

At some point, almost everyone needs an attorney for one reason or another. These reasons vary from signing financial documents to closing on the purchase of a property, to filing a lawsuit or defending in a litigation matter, writing a last will and testament or durable power of attorney or trust document, to opening or reorganizing a company, to entering into commercial agreements of various kinds, to business law counseling, and much more.  Whatever the situation, having a professional attorney by your side is always important. The problem is that many of us don’t know why to hire an attorney, how he or she can help us in the situation, or how to go about finding one that is just right for the matter.

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Selecting an attorney is not so easy. Let’s start working through the process.

  • Why do you need an attorney?

The starting point is to define why you need an attorney. There are times when not having a professional lawyer by your side can actually make things worse or become the cause of incurring substantial legal liability or even losing a court battle unnecessarily.  Don’t fall for ads claiming you can handle your own divorce case, write your own will, set up your own LLC, or settle any such situations that require legal representation. There is a famous adage, “A person who acts as his own attorney has a fool for a client.” So, you must have a professional lawyer who can advise you at the time of any legal vulnerability.

  • What type of attorney do you need?

Once you know why you need an attorney, your next point is to define what type of attorney you need in the situation you are. Some attorneys in Jerusalem are specialists in one certain area of law while some are general practitioners. It is wise to hire someone with the competence to represent you in the particular areas of the law you need, in the same way as you would not go to just any physician for a particular type of medical matter but rather one that has experience and training in the particular fields at issue.

  • Where will you find the right attorney in Jerusalem?

The best way to hire a right lawyer is to seek for referrals or recommendations from the people you know in your area. If you don’t get any satisfactory referrals, you can also start by searching via LinkedIn or the internet or by checking rankings in attorney listings to find the right attorney for your case. However, after you perform your search, you must do your due diligence and schedule a consultation meeting before you finalize your decision of hiring a lawyer. During your search and consultation meetings, be sure to be clear about your expectations with the attorney. Don’t be shy about throwing a volley of questions and checking credentials and asking for references.

Taking these steps is by no means a comprehensive list of every step you need to take to properly select an attorney who is just right for your situation but it will definitely give you a good start. Be sure to find one you feel comfortable with and can count on. Choosing the right attorney is really a big decision but once you do your research, you will come prepared and find the right one for you.  David Page Law may well be a good fit if you are looking for a law firm embodying the ethic of client service, expertise, dedication, and integrity.

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