Importance of attorney in Jerusalem for white collar crimes

The Economic Department is the arm of the Ministry of Justice in Israel, which deals with the white-collar offenses. The department is also involved in tackling sophisticated economic crimes and fraud cases. They handle all the crimes which are financial or corruption elated and plague the business environment in Israel. The economic department is in the city of Jerusalem. It is the presence of such departments that makes attorneys in Jerusalem all the more critical.

Report by the Economic Department

According to the Economic Department, there has been a constant rise in the crime rate related to the economic and business domain in recent years. The current technological development in the State of Israel, the founding of new start-ups, the globalization process has been one of the factors in the increase of white-collar crimes. The business’s management through the internet and computerization of the process rather than keeping a human touch has made the process of crime all the more sophisticated. It is being attacked from within the country or internationally. The phenomenon of corruption is also seen to be on the rise in recent years. The most common factor seen in the white-collar crime is that offenders use the power or the resources at their disposal to extract favor. In most cases, this favor is economical in return for some permission or license on behalf of the government. The power and resources are further used to hide or sophisticate this extortion of money to get away with the crime.

Jerusalem as the hub of business 

Lawyers in Jerusalem are essential because, since the economic slowdown in 1980, the country came up as the hub of start-ups, new business models, and research. The country’s financial condition stabilized, and by the 1990s, the country’s economy was once again on the rise. The start of the new business led to an increase in white-collar crimes, which has been stated as per the economic department report. Most of these start-ups were based in Jerusalem, which made the city a hub for business, research, and technological development. Most of these business models were based on research, military-based technologies, or healthcare, which got the involvement of a lot of intellectual property. The protection of this intellectual property became the prime objective of the companies which arose the need for attorneys in Jerusalem.

Importance of Attorneys in Jerusalem    

Jerusalem rose as the ideal place for new business, and the white-collar crimes rose in the entire country, but the city also became the hub for these offenders and thus rose the requirement of the lawyers in Israel. The companies needed people they could depend upon to form the shield between the offenders and protect their product/idea, get them the required permissions from the responsible authorities and help them navigate the sophisticated and tricky language of the law. The presence of the Economic Department in the city also added to the importance of the attorneys in Jerusalem.

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