Israeli Durable Power of Attorney for Financial and Health Matters

Israeli and dual-citizens alike are finding that organizing for an Israeli Durable Power of Attorney for Financial and Health Matters is an expedient and prudent course of action as they plan for the future. Setting up a Durable Power of Attorney contract is an important step in creating the legal documentation that can save you and your loved ones grief in the event that you become unable to make decisions for your personal well-being and the best interests of your estate.

At David Page Law, you’ll be able to draw up a Durable Power of Attorney that addresses both Israeli and American law so that, regardless of where you are located, or where your assets are located, they will be protected in all circumstances. David Page Law is licensed to practice in both the United States and in Israel so your Durable Power of Attorney will be legally binding in either country

Durable Power of Attorney

  • It may feel awkward or uncomfortable to start planning for a time when you may not be able to make good decisions for your personal or financial well-being but it does happen. For that reason, you should have a Durable Power of Attorney in which you appoint someone to make needed healthcare decisions, end-of-life decisions and decisions regarding your properties and finances. Even if you have Durable Power of Attorney documents from the United States, they may not be applicable in Israel because:
  • The laws and provisions regarding Durablel Power of Attorney in the United States and in Israel are different
  • Documents signed without an apostille certification or outside the Israeli Consulate would not necessarily be upheld in an Israeli court
  • The Durable Power of Attorney of the United States differs i some ways than the Durable Power of Attorney in Israel
  • Israeli courts only recognize documents for Durable Power of Attorney that meet Israeli DPA standards.


In addition to a Last Will and Testament, it is highly suggested that you speak to David Page Law regarding the creation of a Durable Power of Attorney regarding how you want to be treated medically in a case in which you can not make your wishes known, how you want your property and assets to be managed and how you want to proceed with your own care when you get to a point that you need assistance. These documents must be signed while you are mentally competent — if you wait, the document may not be accepted in court.

Your Durable Power of Attorney can include

  • Healthcare Proxy — allows you to choose the individual who you authorize to make medical decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated (temporarily, for instance, if you are under anesthesia, or permanently, for example, if you develop dementia).
  • Regular Power of Attorney – gives power to another person to act on your behalf regarding property/financial matters.
  • Ongoing Power of Attorney – the person who looks after your interests in between your becoming incapacitated and when a permanent guardian is appointed.

Speak to David Page Law today regarding how to safeguard your personal and financial best interests in all circumstances.

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