Lawyer in Jerusalem Israel

David Page Law provides a full range of law services for Israelis, dual citizens and foreigners living in Israel. The David Page Law office is located in Jerusalem and specializes in a wide range of legal subjects regarding both Israeli and American law.

Individuals in need of specialized legal services relating to commercial law, business law, patent and trademark registration, corporate law, trust and estate law issues and regulatory compliance regarding both Israeli and American standards can turn to the David Page law office for expert advice and guidance.

International Law

David Page is a licensed lawyer in both the United States and in Israel. He is qualified to represent clients and give advice about all aspects of the law in both countries and assist clients who need to navigate the waters between the two legal systems.   If you are registering a new trademark or patent David Page Law will help you complete the registration process in a way that ensures that your registrations are recognized in both countries. If you want to create a trust or estate and make sure that your wishes will be honored both in Israel and in America in a way that minimizes your tax burden in both countries, David Page Law will assist you so that you complete the process in a way that assures you that your wishes will be respected by the legal systems internationally.

The David Page Law office specializes in all areas of business and financial law with a focus on wills and estates, obtaining the CE Mark for medical devices, obtaining approval for medicines and devices from the FDA, obtaining approvals for Off the Counter medications and all other aspects of commercial and corporate law.

Real Estate Law

Individuals who are interested in purchasing property or who wish to build in Israel can rely on David Page Law to ensure that all necessary documentations, licensing, registrations and tax assessments are completed in a timely manner. The David Page Law office is available for all real estate law issues involving the purchase of a second-hand apartment, dissolution of property partnership agreements, settlement of real estate taxation, property purchase from a contractor, urban renewal, settlement of disputes with neighbors and claims against contractors.

David Page Law’s office lawyers in Jerusalem, Israel can look over rental contracts to ensure that both the owner and the renter’s rights are secured in all circumstances.


David Page Law has extensive experience in all areas of business law, in Jerusalem, Israel and the United States. His background in working with a preeminent law firm in Washington DC and then one of Jerusalem’s largest law firms has prepared him with the background and knowledge needed to ensure that his clients receive top advice and representation in commercial law, corporate law, trusts, estates, wills and tax planning issues.

David Page Law is licensed to practice law in both the state of New York and in Israel. He is able to represent clients in a way that ensures that their legal rights are protected in all jurisdictions.  His background includes representing clients in company mergers and acquisitions and acting as a court-appointed mediator or arbitrator when needed. In addition to working within the Israeli legal system David Page Law is accepted as legal counsel before Israel’s Rabbinical Courts.

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