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Lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel

If you need someone to help you with business, finance or real estate law, your best bet for a reliable lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel is David Page Law.

American-Israeli Lawyer

The David Page Law Office provides Americans, Israelis and dual-citizens with legal services that will ensure that they enjoy top legal advice and support for any legal need. The David Page Law Office specializes in matters relating to business law, finance law and real estate law with a specialty in creating legal documents that are acceptable under both Israeli and American Law.

David Page Law has extensive experience in all areas business finance and real estate law in both the United States and in Israel including:

  • drafting wills and trusts
  • probating estates
  • processing contracts for residential and commercial real estate
  • corporate law
  • registering trademarks and patents
  • securing worker rights under labor and employment law
  • ensuring regulatory compliance of the environmental laws
  • more

Contact the David Page Law office if you need assistance with

Real Estate Transactions

If you’re looking to buy, rent or improve a property you can turn to the David Page office for an experienced real estate lawyer in Jerusalem who can help guide you through all areas of real estate law. One of the biggest mistakes that people make in renting or buying property is that they skip the step of having their contract read by an experienced lawyer who will look out for their interests.

Both people who are renting the property and those who are offering the rental need to be sure that they are protected in any eventuality. In particular, people who are unfamiliar with Hebrew often rely on an Internet translation service so that they “understand” the contract but if and when the contract needs to be enforced, they often find that they don’t have the legal means to protect their interests.

Whether renting or buying, David Page lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel will prepare and review documents with translations as necessary. They will perform title searches, work with the bank to help you secure a mortgage, write your title insurance policy and help you with closing.

Corporate and Business Law

David Page Law specializes in business and corporate law in both Israel and in the United States. You can rely on the law office to ensure that all tax laws, intellectual property laws and other legal tasks are completed in a way that makes them acceptable to both Israeli and American authorities. The David Page law office can help you facilitate mergers, negotiate and draft contracts, file for trademarks and help new businesses, including start-ups, to find capital that will allow them to build and expand.


There are multiple websites on the Internet – some of them operated by law offices – that give you downloadable forms that allow you to perform legal filings on your own. Legal advisors strongly suggest that you avoid these forms as any small mistake in filing or negligence in including required information can result in the forms being made irrelevant and damage being caused to your finances.

Safeguard your legal interests by turning to the David Page Law Office in Jerusalem.

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