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Read This Before You Hire A Corporate Lawyer For Your Business

Your business, whether large, medium, or small, is like your child. And like a child, you want to nurture and protect your business and help it grow and thrive and survive. There are a great number and variety of legal issues involved in owning and operating a business. In order to navigate the many risky and even dangerous legal pitfalls of operating a business, you need the advice, skills, and legal knowledge of a corporate lawyer.

What makes a good corporate lawyer

You don’t want to get taken for a ride by lawyers gouging you to earn exaggerated legal fees or pay for a corporate lawyer who lacks the skill and expertise necessary to handle your specific business needs. David Page Law are attorneys in Jerusalem who care about his clients and put their best interest first, in the best tradition of lawyering of the founder David Page, an elite yet upright corporate attorney. The David Page Law firm offers expert legal counseling and services for all types of businesses and offers the type of services with integrity that business owners are looking for. That said, if you’re looking for a good corporate attorney, then you need to know what to look for. Here are a few tips when looking for a corporate lawyer.


Finding the right corporate lawyer for the type and size of business you own is extremely important. Hiring a lawyer should not feel like an added cost but like a value-building and bottom-line enhancing investment. If you can locate a law firm that does not have hourly billing, then that ‘s a step in the right direction. Fixed billing based on your specific needs is ideal, especially if you’re own a small to medium-sized business. However, try not to get too caught up with saving a few dollars. Legal services are an investment and you want quality services.

Openness and transparency

Look for a lawyer you isn’t afraid to answer the big questions. That includes questions about himself or herself and the law firm. Check out the firm’s integrity and the lawyer’s personality. If something seems a bit off, or if the lawyer dodges certain questions or doesn’t have any answers, cross them off your list. Above all – and take heed – make sure the lawyer is not afraid to admit making a mistake. In an age of perfectionism, those perfectionists who “can’t be wrong” are liable to make unreliable legal counsel. In addition – and this is the most important of all – a lawyer has to understand that the client has the last word: The attorney can advise, but ultimately the client gets to decide whether to take that lawyer’s advice. If those essential principles get lost, then so does good lawyering.

Ask for and check out a referral

A good referral can go a long way. Make sure you follow up on any referral and it’s not the lawyer’s mother who is recommending the law firm (as much as she loves her “son the lawyer,” the source may be less than objective at times). You want an honest and unbiased opinion of the lawyer and firm. If the person is willing, ask how the lawyer helped them and how satisfied they are as a former or current client.

Leave the legal stuff to the experts

Normally, the larger the company, the more legal matters there are to deal with. Business legal issues mean dealing with everything from lawsuits to business contracts and everything in between. But even if your company is small or mid-sized, there will always be legal issues, obligations, and responsibilities that require the advice and counsel of someone who is knowledgeable in the law as it pertains your business. Many business owners attempt to save money and time by handling contracts or negotiations or the structure of the business themselves without the advice of a corporate lawyer. But a well-qualified corporate attorney can advise you on the best structure of your business, whether it be a partnership, corporation, LLC, or sole proprietorship. As you can see, starting and operating a business is much more than turning on the “open for business sign” and letting customers through the door.

The David Page Law Firm

David Page is an attorney who believes in putting the needs of his clients above all else. This attitude of excellence and client-centered lawyering is inherent in every service provider at Page’s law firm. Whether you need an attorney in Jerusalem or the United States, David Page Law’s expert corporate lawyers can handle all of your business’ legal concerns. Page’s law firm offers a unique and innovative style of inside/outside counseling which emphasizes four core principles: expertise and integrity, no hourly billing, no unpleasant surprises, and onsite visits and company-oriented lawyering. If you’re looking for an attorney that can assist and advise you in all of your company’s legal matters, then call attorney David Page and let his law firm help your company grow and thrive.

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