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Role of an Intellectual property law firm in Israeltoday

Intellectual property is any product of the mind. A creation that has been created with the intellect and includes things like technologies, research, recipes, secret ingredients among other things

Intellectual property law Israel protects these products and ensures a monopoly for a limited period on that particular invention, trademark, and copyright. Intellectual property law Israel includes the following categories protected under it:  

  • Trademarks are definitive signs that differentiate a product from the rest of the herd and certify a belonging to a specific brand or service or is the mark of quality.
  • Patents are dubbed as exclusive rights of a company or person on an invention and protect that invention from being sold, copied, or reengineered by any other entity.
  • Designs are usually industrial designs dealing with the operations of any particular company. These are developed to improve production or reduce costs. These are very vulnerable to be stolen or copied by any other competing entity.
  • Copyrights are a form of intellectual property law where artistic creations, like paintings, crafts, novels, and poetry, are protected from infringement.
  • Trade secrets are one of the most vulnerable things in intellectual property, and competing parties are in constant lookout for these as they can be the whole key to success for a particular company.

Role of Intellectual law firm in Israel

When we consider a country like Israel that is known for its innovation and research; it is imperative to know about the intellectual law firms and their role in today’s business arena. Israel has a lot of upcoming ideas and prototypes across many disciplines, and companies are springing throughout the country, which depends on these intellectual properties, or their work comes in close quarters with these.

The work of the intellectual law firm depends upon the work of the company. If the company is dependent upon these patents, copyrights, or trademarks, then the lawyers at the firm work with the company employees and educate them on how to ensure the protection of these intellectual pieces, they also prepare legal bounds and watchdogs. The paperwork and legal registrations are drawn up by them, which provides the safety of the intellectual property from outside infringement.

If the company works in domains where their work may cause an infringement of someone else’s protected intellectual property, the lawyers of the firm educated the employees and managers on how to conduct their daily business while avoiding any breach. They also create guidelines and also ensure the safety of the managers and owners of the company. They guard and assist the company against any violations, which may eventually lead to lawsuits.

Here at David Page Law Firm

We at David Page Law firm, believe in having a high impact value strategy. When you are a company depending upon the intellectual property, then we educate your employees along with the question such as

  • What are the key countries to cover?
  • What are the Key manufacturing centers to cover?

We guide employees to determine the value of the property being patented, and also identify the strength of the patent obtained. We ascertain that will it be defendable in front of a legal body, if violated.

We also advise the client to register for a patent under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, and then according to the requirements and dangers evaluated, patents in individual countries can be targeted. We strongly recommend and provide a stable, focused, and tailored legal counsel and strategizing as every company has different vulnerabilities and needs.

We also educate the employees and owners about the less rigorous protection strategies like copyrights. While design patents and copyrights are less secure and open to infringement, we study the scenario according to the client and advise and coach them where these lesser rigid strategies would be the right choice for them concerning spending and their work.

David has served as a general counsel for an Israeli-American tech company Cupron.Inc and apart from that, he has a decade and a half worth experience of practice in the United States and Israeli Law negotiation. Among all this, David has also worked as an esteemed academician as he lectured at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The combined knowledge of the three worlds is what we tap from here at David Page law firm to strategize for you and protect you from any infringement.


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