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Top 15 Issues for an Israeli Durable Power of Attorney for Financial and Healthcare Matters

Creating a durable power of attorney in Israel involves specific considerations and legal nuances. Here are 15 key points to focus on:

  1. Legal Requirements: Understand the legal prerequisites for drafting a durable power of attorney in Israel. Ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.
  2. Capacity: The principal (the person granting the power) must have the mental capacity to understand the document’s implications. It’s crucial to establish mental competence when creating the document.
  3. Types of Powers: Define the scope of authority granted to the agent (attorney-in-fact). Specify whether it’s general, limited, or specific to certain transactions or decisions.
  4. Specific Instructions: If there are specific actions or limitations the agent must adhere to, clearly outline these within the document.
  5. Agent Selection: Choose a trustworthy and responsible agent. Ensure they understand their duties, responsibilities, and limitations.
  6. Documentation: Ensure proper documentation, including signing and witnessing according to Israeli law. Notarization might be necessary.
  7. Revocation: Specify the conditions or process for revoking the power of attorney. This might include timeframes, conditions, or specific procedures for termination.
  8. Multiple Agents or Successor Agents: Decide whether to appoint multiple agents to act together or designate a successor agent in case the primary agent is unable or unwilling to serve.
  9. Fiduciary Duty: Emphasize the agent’s fiduciary duty to act in the principal’s best interests at all times.
  10. Financial Authority: If the power of attorney includes financial matters, outline the agent’s authority to manage bank accounts, investments, and property transactions.
  11. Healthcare Decisions: If granting healthcare decision-making authority, detail the agent’s role in medical care, treatment decisions, and end-of-life preferences.
  12. Duration and Termination: Specify the duration of the power of attorney and conditions for its termination, such as the principal’s incapacitation or a specific date.
  13. Reporting and Accountability: Set expectations for the agent to provide regular reports and account for their actions and decisions.
  14. Legal Advice: Encourage the principal to seek legal counsel to understand the implications and requirements of the durable power of attorney.
  15. Language and Clarity: Ensure the document is clear, unambiguous, and written in a language the principal understands. Ambiguity can lead to misinterpretation or disputes.

Creating a durable power of attorney is a crucial legal step that requires careful consideration of these aspects to protect the principal’s interests and ensure the smooth execution of their wishes. Consulting with a legal professional familiar with Israeli law is highly advisable to create a comprehensive and legally sound document.

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