January 5, 2022 In Trademark Law

Trademark Registration in Israel

Regardless of whether you’re opening a new business in Israel or operating a business that has been running for many years, if you want to protect your business’s name, domain name, logo, tagline and other identifying features, you must register a trademark. The trademark distinguishes your business from others in the market.

A registered trademark protects you from anyone or any other business that might try to use something similar to your brand mark in a way that confuses customers. Many businesses don’t an awareness of how important it is to register a trademark. Simply registering a business name doesn’t protect that name, nor any image or tags associated with that business, from copyright infringement.

As you grow your business, one of the first things that you should do is to protect your brand by registering your trademark. The David Page Law office can walk you through the process of registering your trademark in both Israel and in America to ensure that your trademark will protect your business’s name.

Little Known Facts

A trademark is some type of identifying feature that distinguishes a product or service from that of another.

There are different laws for trademarks in each country. In Israel, some unique trademark regulations include:

  1. You can’t use any mark that uses the words “Patent,” Registered”, “Patented”, “Registered Design,” or “Copyright”
  2. You can’t use a mark that contains geographical indication that falsely represents the origin of the goods
  3. Your trademark cannot include numerals, words or letters that are of common use in your trade or that describe the goods’ quality
  4. Your trademark can not contain a surname or have geographical significance
  5. The trademark may not include generic or laudatory information

In America, some unique trademark regulations include:

  1. Your trademark should not include terms that are widely used in your industry
  2. Text may include adjectives but not nouns or verbs
  3. Many banks won’t allow you to open a bank account in your business’s name unless the name’s trademark is registered.

A trademark registered in Israel is not necessarily accepted in the United States unless proper procedures for registration are followed in both countries.  The differences between American and Israeli trademark law underscore the importance of registering a trademark in both locations with the trusted David Page Law American-Israeli Law Office.

Registering the Trademark

Some businesses rely on Internet forms to complete their trademark registration process. In doing so, they put themselves at risk of failing to properly protect their business. At any point in the process, if they fail to follow needed procedures of conducting a search, publicizing intent, registering in all affected countries or adhering to time constraints, the registration process will be considered worthless and any actions taken up to that point are invalidated.

For that reason it’s vital for business owners to turn to David Page Law, a trusted and experienced law office which guides efficient and effective trademark registration. If you want to be sure that your trademark registration will be accepted in all geographic areas in which you want to do business, turn to the law office of American-Israeli David Page Law.

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