March 15, 2021 In Corporate Law

UAE Business Awards: Best Corporate Law Firm in Israel

The United Arab Emirates, also called by other titles, such as Dawlat al-Imārāt al-ʿArabīyah al-Muttaḥidah, Trucial Coast, Trucial Oman, Trucial Sheikhdoms, Trucial States and U.A.E., has historically been influenced by diverse nations. It is cosmopolitan, while at the same time, also insular. It’s contrasts appeal to diverse nationalities and ethnic groups, with an outstanding mix of ancient traditions and modern technology.

Slightly smaller than Portugal, the U.A.E. thirsts for inviting businesses and business opportunities to its region. With a contrasting population of wealthy and poor, it hopes to learn from other nations and boost its economy.

The U.A.E. also reaches out to businesses across the globe with its national, UAE Business Awards, offered to a number of entrepreneurs. Among the businesses it recognizes are law firms and this year, is giving an award for the best global corporate business law firm.


Business Award Bestowed on the Best Corporate Law Firm in Israel


With the new, peaceful relations between the U.A.E. and Israel, the Emirates have broadened the scope of their awards to include Israeli businesses. The awards are under the auspices of MEA Markets, which is a business publication with a global readership, that researches and publicizes major events throughout the Middle East and Africa.

MEA Markets conducts an industry survey each year to solicit feedback from the international business community on the most-trusted and best firms, practitioners, industry authorities, and service providers. The survey’s findings inform of annual rankings, published in a special edition of the publication and help identify the “Best Of 2021” award winners.

The prestigious and coveted awards highlight businesses that are doing well and adapting to a changing world. Innovation is key, showing new products or work practices in use. The impartial panel that conducts the research to the highest standards is comprised of completely impartial members. At the helm of this critical panel, is a veteran leader, who has an international academic background and training. After meticulous research and fact-checking, individuals and companies that are deemed most deserving, are nominated. The implementation of such a panel insures that winners are selected for their contributions within their industrie and not by popular vote. In spite of many challenges, the awards reinforce the entrepreneurial spirit that is so vital for success during these most trying of times.

Spanning several categories, the awards serve as a platform for winners to elevate their business profiles, recruit top notch staff and garner recognition on a national and international level. None of this can be possible if not for the award recipients. One such entity is selected as the Best Corporate Law firm in Israel, committed to diligence and reliability, as an integral part of Israel’s thriving business community.

MEA Markets and its readers have nominated David Page Law offices for consideration in numerous categories of this year’s awards:

  • Best end-to-end litigation consulting
  • Best jury/trial consulting
  • Best corporate investigations
  • Best trial technology
  • Best overall expert witness services
  • Best expert witness referral service
  • Best demonstrative evidence provider
  • Best forensic accounting


The industry survey results will be revealed by MEA Markets in a special edition, along with statewide industry rankings of top firms, practices, and service providers. The industry rankings serve as a resource for helping the Israeli and international legal community navigate and select the most-trusted vendors and partners to meet their own, as well as their clients’ needs.

Several influential industry publications have recognized David Page Law in recent years, for delivering context and clarity for the litigation community. Ranked Among the Best Global Corporate Business Law Firms in Israel, David Page Law will diligently prepare all your important legal documents to protect your interests.

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