April 21, 2021 In Corporate Law



Unprecedented in the short history of the State of Israel, in a pioneering move, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel have signed a peace treaty and established diplomatic relations, complete with embassies and all that is involved. The new status is met, on both sides, with an eagerness to pursue all kinds of collaborations and business opportunities.

Adhering to safety guidelines and strict testing in the wake of the global pandemic, Israelis wasted no time in visiting it’s newest ally. Civilians boost tourism to the UAE, namely Dubai and the government has agreed to provide agriculture to the small but important nation.

Israel and UAE Forge Win-Win Deals

Brokering win-win deals that are not only profitable but also essential, Israeli venture capital funds and hi-tech companies ambitiously tread the newly paved road to unlimited opportunity, with a partner that can bridge gaps caused, in the past, by much disparity and divisiveness.

New sources of capital can be cultivated. Emiratis and specifically Emirati wealth funds, can now feel out new opportunities for investment in booming industries. Both sides will require a learning curve in familiarizing themselves with the other’s business culture. For this, competent advisors with experience on both sides, are essential. The Israeli law firm of David Page, with cutting edge, state of the art, worldly finesse and expertise in corporate law, is your best bet for your interests to be protected and your deal to be brokered.

Corporate Law Firm for a Solid Bargaining Position

We negotiate every single day, even when talking to our closest family and cronies. Thankfully, most negotiations are benign and most counterparts are from the same culture and language.

What Happens When Cultures Differ?

The above being said, without a corporate law firm behind you, you can get lost doing business in Dubai. For all its overtures and willingness to open up to foreign tourism and trade, it is, for one, a Moslem country and the same words can mean different things in different cultures.

Those differences, if you are not completely clear on intent, can cost you. Dearly. Do you want to hold a convention in Dubai? What do you need to know? What is expected of you and any other visitors and participants? Failing to plan properly by learning some folkways and mores in advance, NOT knowing can even land an unwitting, unsuspecting, foreigner in prison, among other things.

Not only reading the fine print, dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, unless you absolutely understand all terms of any document presented to you and all the more so, which you sign, you are buying a heap of trouble. Never assume and don’t let any affectations and congeniality lull you into a sense of complacency. Stay sharp, on your toes and let your advocate, armed with all the tools necessary by the corporate law firm from which he or she hails, guide you through the process and help you navigate uncharted waters. Good luck, G-d speed and raising a glass or a firm handshake are nothing more than pleasantries and unless clear terms are written and signed, initialed and valid, nothing is binding and what you don’t know can and will harm you.

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