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Understanding The Role Of A Litigation Lawyer!

Are you going through an intellectual property dispute over a trademark? Are you embroiled in a business dispute? Were you the victim of medical malpractice? All these are complicated legal matters that require you to seek the services of a litigation lawyer.

Without having a litigation lawyer by your side, it will be a challenge for you to navigate through the litigation process. Also, you will reduce your chances of winning the case. On the other hand, having a litigator will ease the litigation process as well as increase your chances of getting a favorable resolution of your case.

Why hire a litigation lawyer?

If you are dealing with a looming or live lawsuit, you may be unsure whether you should hire a litigation lawyer. To help you finalize your decision, here I have mentioned the role and responsibilities of a litigation attorney.

What is a litigator?

Litigation attorneys are the attorneys who represent defendants or applicants in civil cases. Their responsibilities include managing all the phases of litigation, including filing the lawsuit, serving process, hearings, gathering, and admission of evidence developing strategy and tactics for the case, interviewing witnesses, analyzing pertinent information, settlement negotiations, drafting and responding to pleadings of kinds, and potentially also the appeals process. The activities carried out by the litigator in Israel vary depending on the nature of the dispute as well as on the point they are representing a defendant or applicant.

If you find yourself in a stressful situation that may result in litigation, here is what a litigation lawyer can do for you.

  1. Carry out Preliminary Case Assessment and Investigation
  2. Draft Proceedings
  3. Delve into Discovery
  4. Pre-Trial Preparation
  5. Trial: Almost the Final Stage
  6. Explore Settlement Possibilities
  7. Launch an Appeal

What types of civil lawsuits a litigation attorney can handle?

  • Employment lawsuits
  • Personal injury claims
  • Environmental law
  • Product liability suits
  • Divorce and other family law disputes
  • Real estate lawsuits
  • Business disputes
  • Landlord/tenant lawsuits
  • Venture capital
  • Medical malpractice
  • Anti-trust litigation
  • Intellectual property
  • Shareholders oppression
  • Constructions liens
  • Estate litigation
  • Builder’s liens
  • Mechanical liens etc.

Instead of handling all these kinds of civil cases, many of the attorneys specialize in one area such as real estate or family law. Hence, when hiring a litigation lawyer in Israel, look for the one who specializes in the matter you are dealing with.

Wrapping Up –

It is obvious that dealing with the legal process can be quite complicated for someone who is not conversant with the procedural intricacies of Israeli law. Soit makes a sense to have a litigation attorney by your side who can help you guide through the process. Since litigators are conversant with all the aspects of law, hiring them will put you in the best position and maximize your chance to win the case.



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