US and Israel Business Lawyer in Jerusalem

David Page Law provides a complete range of services to businesses that are doing business in Israel, in the United States or in both jurisdictions. The David Page US and Israel business lawyer in Jerusalem has decades of experience in representing both American and Israeli companies including businesses that work internationally. David Page Law is a well-known business law office specializing in representing both public and private companies, investors, start-ups, entrepreneurs and other online and offline platforms.

The David Page Law team provides integrated, cost-efficient legal services for new businesses, established firms, companies that operate internationally and others. David Page is licensed and certified by both the Israel Bar and the Bar in the State of New York which enables him and his team to take care of all legal issues arising in either jurisdiction.

Regardless of whether you need to register your patent or trademark, draw up contracts with your employees, draft agreements with other firms, meet regulatory requirements, help with a merger or buy-out or coordinate your taxes between the two countries, the David Page Law Firm is here to help.

Legal and Commercial Issues

Some businesses, especially small or new businesses, try to take care of their legal issues in-house. They rely on Internet forms and word-of-mouth to try to cover themselves when hiring workers, filing for patents and trademarks, drafting agreements with suppliers and partners and other legal actions.

While such stop-gap moves may save you money in the short run, in the long run they are pennywise and pound foolish. There are dozens of issues that such a system neglects to cover which are compounded with a business that is obligated to adhere to laws of two countries. Additionally, if you haven’t been working with a lawyer to put your business in order, you will be hard-pressed to find a law office that will represent you if you find yourself in court.

Even if you think that doing the legal work yourself will save you money or will get your business up and running more quickly, think again. Any legal technicality in either jurisdiction can lead to catastrophic losses that can land you in legal trouble and cripple your business. An experienced and knowledgeable US and Israel business lawyer in Jerusalem who is conversant with both American and Israeli law will ensure that you safeguard yourself personally and your business in case of future questions or challenges.

Choosing a US-Business Lawyer

When selecting a lawyer for US and Israeli business needs, you’ll need a law office like David Page Law that is fully bi-lingual, has experience in guiding clients as they enter the marketplace, knows how to help you limit your risk exposure and will assist you as your business grows and expands. Entrepreneurs are especially vulnerable to neglecting to cover all their bases as they rush to get their product or service into the marketplace and they need a law firm that knows how to focus on details of a start-up enterprise.

Top Israel-US Business Lawyer in Jerusalem

If you’re looking for a top Israel-US business Lawyer in Jerusalem who specializes in

  • Corporate compliance laws
  • Intellectual property laws
  • Employment laws
  • Shareholder agreements
  • International tax laws

and other issues pertaining to US-Israel business law, call David Page Law Office today.

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