US and Israeli Wills, Trusts, and Estates Lawyer in Israel

If you have assets in both Israel and in the United States, questions of jurisdiction can tie up your assets for even longer periods of time. Questions regarding the domicile of the heirs and the differences in the laws between the two countries can tie up your estate for years.

To create a binding will or trust that will be accepted in both the United States and in Israel you need a lawyer who is licensed to practice in both countries and who has experience in matters of international law regarding wills, trusts and estate planning.

David Page Law

David Page Law is a US and Israeli wills, trusts and estates law practice in Israel. David Page Law has many years of experience in drafting legal documents that are accepted by both the Israeli and the American court system. Once you draft your estate plan through David Page Law you can be assured that your wishes regarding your assets will be carried out after your death, regardless of the country in which those assets are located, the country in which you reside or the country in which your heirs live.

By creating an estate plan in a timely fashion, you can be proactive in preventing disagreements among heirs about the distribution of your assets and saving both your estate and your heirs added expenses involved in deciding how your assets are to be distributed.

The David Page Law office has extensive experience in representing clients’ wishes in both US and Israeli courts in a way that saves the estate significant inheritance taxes and other court costs.

Do It Yourself

Easy access to do-it-yourself forms that you can download from the Internet may make it seem attractive to take care of creating the legal forms yourself but when it comes to financial matters, you would be putting yourself and your heirs at risk by trying to go that route.

One-size-fits-all legal documents are rarely sufficient. Every situation is unique, especially if it involves international law where citizens of two countries are involved. Online legal documents may be inaccurate or out of date and if they are used, your heirs will have little recourse if there’s a problem. These forms can actually result you or your heirs becoming embroiled in a costly legal mess that may leave them with nothing like what you had planned.

Estate Planning Lawyer

A US and Israeli wills, trusts, and estate planning lawyer will ensure that your assets are protected after your death. When you go to the David Page Law estate planning law firm in Israel you’ll get a power of attorney established, create a living trust if needed and establish a will that protects those that you leave behind. This ensures that your property will be distributed in a way that meets your wishes and expectations.

Through the David Page Law office, all of the provisions of your estate plan will be accepted in both the United States and in Israel, regardless of where the assets or the heirs are located.

Contact David Page Law today for a consultation of how to proceed with your Israeli/American estate plan, trust or will.

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