October 17, 2021 In Business Law in Israel

US, Israel, and Dubai Business Lawyer in Israel

The repeal of the Emirate law to boycott everything Israel and the enactment of the Abraham Accords in 2020, has opened the floodgates to a mountain of business opportunities. Continuous flights between Israel and Dubai, except for COVID-19 restrictions, signify growth and potential for mutual benefit. The legal reform allows Israelis and Israeli firms to do business in the United Arab Emirates, a U.S.-allied federation of seven sheikhdoms on the Arabian Peninsula. It also allows for the purchase and trade of Israeli goods. US, Israel, and Dubai business lawyers in Israel will waste no time in forging new agreements.

Tech Intel

Firms in the UAE value Israeli knowledge and expertise in cyber technology. The Emirati cyber-security firm, also known as the UAE spyware company Dark Matter Group has, by all accounts hired Israeli military-trained (IDF) trained hackers. Dark Matter is the commercial subsidiary of UAE Intelligence. It hired Israeli veterans of an IDF Intelligence unit and enticed them with huge and unprecedented pay of as much as $1 million a year, as well as perks like houses and villas on the seashore. Offers below $400K are not even brought to the table. The Intelligence veterans then work at Dark Matter offices in Singapore or Cyprus. US, Israel, and Dubai business lawyers will prepare and negotiate contracts pertaining to all relevant parties. David Page is a lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel, with sterling credentials and a record of success.

The Unheard of is Now Heard

The UAE neither recognized Israel, nor had diplomatic relations with it. There is much irony in Israel sharing some of its most advanced cyber-ammunition with a nation that, for decades, only showed hostility towards it.

In the new regional reality that was created by Israel’s alliance with Sunni Gulf states against Iran, what was before unthinkable is now conceivable. With Dark Matter offices in Cyprus or Singapore, Israelis can work for it without entering Abu Dhabi. The Emirate firm can eat its cake and still have it whole. In the same token, many weapon exporters in Israel can also have subsidiaries outside Israel and can funnel sales through them, in order to conceal the fact that their customers are very often Gulf states.

First the Olive Branch, Now a Fig Leaf

This is a fig leaf that indulges the Arab nations, whose citizens could quickly rise to anger, should they find out that Israel provides them with surveillance technology, for example, that is used to monitor them.

The Abraham Accord between the UAE and Israel, explicitly refers to several areas in which the countries intend to cooperate, and for which additional bilateral agreements will be concluded. These areas include, among others:

  • finance and investment
  • civil aviation
  • innovation, trade and economic relations
  • healthcare
  • tourism, culture and sport
  • energy
  • the environment
  • telecommunications
  • agriculture and food security
  • legal collaboration

US, Israel, and Dubai business lawyers in Israel will be very much in demand, as relations deepen and intensify and include many more sectors of business.

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