June 29, 2021 In Trademark Law

US Trademark Attorney in Israel

With increasing automated services offered and online access to professional services, many glitches are sure to arise. To be sure that your US trademark is properly filed in Israel, free for use and protected, a licensed US trademark lawyer or US trademark attorney in Israel would be the wisest way to go about this. A US trademark lawyer in Israel would be the most eligible candidate to represent you in any important filing with the Trademark department of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which can be done abroad thanks to the Madrid Protocol. That’s right, the department for registering any trademark is part of the IPO and should one attempt to do it by him or herself through the website, one can end up filing with the wrong division that will cost money and miss the mark altogether.

How do Filing U.S. Trademarks in Israel Work?

  • Rights are granted to the person or company that first uses it in the United States, regardless of where filed.
    • Registration is highly recommended, though not mandatory.
    • Undisputed ownership of the trademark will be easier to prove if it’s registered.
    • Proper registering of the trademark can help avoid any future conflicts.
    • Registration of the trademark can prevent trademark infringement.

How to File U.S. Trademarks in Israel

As stated above, trademark applications are filed with the Trademark department of the Israel Patent Office. For this reason, a US trademark lawyer or US trademark attorney in Israel is indispensable.


  • US trademarks can also be filed with international status
  • Israel is a member state of the Madrid Protocol (1989), which:
    • Is an extension of an international registration of a US trademark can apply in Israel via the Madrid System
    • Is a filing treaty only
    • Gives trademark holders, i.e., individuals and businesses, an efficient and cost-effective option
    • Can safeguard trademarks in multiple countries
    • Only one application will have to be filed at one office
    • All trademarks can be done in one language
    • The US Trademark holder in Israel pays just one set of fees, all in one currency

US Trademark Attorney or US Trademark Lawyer in Israel

A well-versed US Trademark lawyer in Israel can best assist you and handle your registration process in Israel, or verify that your trademark is, indeed, properly registered at the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).

  • A trademark does not, necessarily, have to be used in the United States in order to register it in Israel.
  • Proof of prior use can effectively overcome any objections raised, on any grounds. This would prove that the US trademark is distinctive.

Combined Trademark Registration

If you register a trademark with a combination of words and figures in Israel, its use will be confined and limited to the precise way that it was filed.

  • Should you decide to use only the words or figures, separately from one another, as they appear in the logo, at any time, you would do well to register for yet another trademark that has only the word or words, or the figure that you want to use and protect individually.

Buyer beware. In this case, the buyer is YOU. Assume nothing, tread carefully and get a US trademark lawyer in Israel to protect your interests. David Page, licensed in the United States and Israel, with sterling credentials, is your man.


  1. You can take advantage of the largest market for trademarked products in the world, the United States, while doing so from Israel.
  2. Filing in the United States can also work well for Israel, via the mechanism of the Madrid Protocol that can help globalize a US trademark.

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