August 31, 2021 In Trademark Law

US Trademark Lawyer in Israel

The Process of Registering Your Trademark in Israel

The multi-step procedure involved in registering a trademark in Israel will begin with the following:

  • Trademark Search by a US trademark lawyer in Israel
    • He or she will do a search to determine that your trademark can, indeed, be registered as your own.
    • The search will involve all that is included in the mark:
      • symbol/s
      • image/s
      • letter/s
      • number/s
      • color/s
      • sound/s
      • font/s
    • anything and everything that identifies your product to the public

The trademark search, done by a US trademark lawyer in Israel, will be done before registration proceedings can begin. The businessperson or company has to first determine that the mark is free to claim and register as his or her or its own.

Will the Mark be Protected in Other Countries?

The registration of the trademark in Israel, will only protect it in that territory and not without. For protection in countries abroad, namely the United States, the Madrid Protocol, of which Israel is a member country, along with the US, enables and facilitates filing for trademark protection in the United States of America.

You can pay in your own currency and pay just one set of fees but all procedures must, unequivocally, be filed with a US licensed attorney.


Each element of the trademark will require a separate application. Each application will have to be filed, at a cost. A trademark that is black and white will cost less than one that is in color. Protecting the sounds and sights of the trademark, that is, what it looks and sounds like, down to the minutest detail, can cost additional fees but will guarantee that no one in Israel can legally imitate or copy your hallmark or label.

A US trademark lawyer in Israel is essential for registering your badge and filing ironclad applications, to leave no loopholes or doubt. David Page is an Israeli lawyer in Jerusalem, licensed both in the United States and Israel. He is above board and meticulous, with no hidden fees.

Minimum Filing Requirements in Israel

  • Application to register one’s mark in Israel
  • A comprehensive list of goods and services pertaining to the trademark
  • The name of the marks’ owner, a.k.a. applicant, be it an individual of company or corporation
  • A filing fee for at least one kind of goods or services
  • Power of Attorney for your US trademark lawyer in Israel

Why is This Important?

Your trademark is your hallmark. Its vitality and potency depend only on you. Do not leave any room for genericide and or mutilation of your marks, that identify the manufacturer or service provider that stand for the highest standard, to the customers.

If all checks prior to filing for registration are not made properly, your marks could be used incorrectly or used unchecked, by a third party. These can undermine the entire purpose of your trademark, which is to trace the end product to its source. This can also cause losing rights.

Never allow third parties to use your trademark in any way. If at all, it can be used to describe a generic word but never as a noun.

Your US trademark lawyer in Israel is indispensable in ensuring all rights will be protected.

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