October 24, 2021 In Trademark Law

US Trademark Lawyer in Israel

Companies that wish to register a trademark in Israel, in the United States or in both locations can work through American/Israeli attorney David Page.

Trademark Law

Brands use a trademark which identifies the product or service via the trademark image or logo. The goal of having a trademark is to create an automatic link in the viewer’s mind between the trademark image and the brand that it represents. Once the trademark is registered neither that trademark nor similar images can be used by any other individual or company. Yet each country has its own laws about registering trademarks and its own judicial decisions regarding the rights that the trademark registration gives the trademark’s owner.

That’s why it’s vital for Israeli brands that want to reach American audiences to register their trademark in America as well as in Israel. Attorney David Page is an American-Israeli lawyer who is conversant with the trademark laws of both the United States and Israel. He can complete the registration process in both countries.

Trademarks and International Law

The marketplace of the 21st century is global, making it critical to protect a brand internationally. If your company has online exposure, you need to brand yourself in a way that ensures that you will be protected worldwide.  A registered trademark in one country does not necessarily protect you in other countries. So, if you have an Israeli trademark, you aren’t automatically protected elsewhere.

It costs more to register your trademark internationally but it’s well worth the effort. You need to ensure that your company’s good name is protected from those who may try to represent you in a way that you don’t want. There are plenty of counterfeiters, cyber squatters and others who can destroy your brand’s reputation quickly by misrepresenting your trademark as their own.

For that reason, you need David Page, American-Israeli trademark lawyer, to establish your trademark rights. David Page can determine the best way for you to protect your trademark in your international business and marketing efforts. He can help the process move forward quickly and efficiently so that you enjoy complete international protection for your trademark.


David Page’s law office will take care of all issues surrounding your specific business and trademark needs. You can find online trademark licensing services that perform cut-rate services at a low price but those services don’t personalize the work to ensure that the registration is suitable to your specific company’s needs.

By covering all bases for Israel-American trademark registration David Page’s law office saves you, in the end, time, money and aggravation – and perhaps lengthy court cases that can result from improper trademark registration.

Take advantage of David Page’s American and Israel legal expertise before, during and after the trademark registration process.

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