August 5, 2021 In Trademark Law

US Trademark Lawyer in Israel

In the Israeli market of today, a progressive, forward-thinking businessperson of a legitimate company has a trademark. That “mark” is any stroke, number, letter, or image that represents the business. The registered mark is the property of the individuals or company and will, until future notice, be the identifying symbol with which consumers will come to know and trust in products manufactured by the mark owners. It is, in every possible way, the sole intellectual property of the individuals or company. The business owner or owners in Israel will absolutely need a US trademark lawyer in Israel.

US Trademark Lawyer Needed in Israel

The Israeli entrepreneur wants to sell in big numbers. That person, persons, or company will want to register his, her, or its trademark in target countries to reach the best consumer population to maximize sales and business success. Thanks to a treaty called the Madrid Protocol, members of the Protocol can register their trademarks in any of the other countries. An Israeli can register his or her trademark in the United States with one caveat: all procedures must be done by a lawyer in Israel, who is also licensed to practice law in the US. David Page is an ivy league educated Israeli lawyer in Jerusalem, Israel focusing on US Trademarks, who is licensed to practice law both, in the US and in Israel.

Why Register a Trademark?

  • Insure against fraud or counterfeit
  • Less confusing for consumers

Why Madrid?

  • Pay in your own country
  • Pay one set of fees
  • Pay in one currency
  • File from the comfort of your own country, without long absences from your business

Trademarks are Ancient

Trademarks predate religions, and originally looked very different from today’s marks. Unlike in ancient times where they were engraved in pottery or clay made within a monarch’s domain, trademarks today have modern graphic designs, some in black and white and some in color.

What’s Color Got to Do with It?

In filing trademarks, those that have colors other than black and white will cost more, as those colors, too, are part of the marks. To wit, most Oreo cookie lovers will flock to the familiar packaging, that includes identifying colors and graphic design, from lettering to the Nabisco logo in the corner. All those details are part of the mark and so registering the colors will cost more. Your US trademark lawyer in Israel is indispensable for protecting your interests all around.

US Trademark Lawyer in Israel

To oversimplify, the trademark registration process in Israel is as follows:

  • a broad study
    • generate a search report of trademarks
    • get expert opinions about registration possibilities
    • get an estimate of the chance of success of such a mark
  • registration request
    • US trademark lawyer in Israel will file and process your trademark application with the Trademark Office
  • registration certificate
    • once all filing has been done, your US trademark lawyer in Israel will get your registration certificate

Once all the steps above are complete, your US trademark lawyer in Israel can then proceed with registering your mark in the United States and that designated lawyer will handle any and all matters that pertain to that process, from start to finish.

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