November 15, 2021 In Trademark Law

US Trademark Registration Fee in Israel

What is a Trademark?

A trademark, unlike a brand, is any stroke, letter, image, sound, color, or combination thereof, that will tell and reassure the public that the goods or services come from a reputable manufacturer or provider.

Registering a US Trademark in Israel

A manufacturer in the United States will want to register his or its mark in other countries to where it or he or she exports, namely Israel. A lawyer in Israel would be a tremendous asset, to clear the mark of any opposition and to facilitate filing. Advocate David Page, in Jerusalem, Israel, has a record of success and the highest credentials, as well as being licensed both, in the United States and Israel. He can assuredly register your US trademark in Israel, with no hidden fees and make your filing process a breeze.

Your American Trademark

So, your American trademark is registered and all filings are up to date. The next step is to register it in Israel.

  • Israel is a member of both, the Madrid Protocol and the Madrid Agreement
    • You can register your mark in Israel, from the US, without having to reside or travel to Israel. A lawyer in Israel can see to every legal procedure to ensure a valid registration.
    • The US trademark registration fee in Israel can change from time to time, so it’s best to get an up to date costing at the time of registration.
  • Rightful ownership to a mark is not contingent upon registration; use of the mark is enough to establish your right to it. As long as you are the first to use it, that is enough to prove rights to it, in Israel
  • You do not have to use your mark prior to registration
    • You can, of course but registration is possible without any prior use thereof

Registration Fees in Israel

There is a list of most registration fees with the State of Israel Trademarks Regulations. The fees are changed and updated every so often, so don’t rely on information provided on the Internet. Hire a lawyer to help you through this. That being said:

  • As of 2020, the fee for the first class of goods or services is 1630 ILS
  • Each additional class will incur an additional fee of 1224 ILS
  • There might be additional fees, based on the examination process

       Examination Tracks

  • A regular track and an accelerated track*
    • *the accelerated track requires a special charge of 751 ILS.
      • You will also have to file a petition to justify the urgency.
    • If it is approved, the investigation will be moved to the top of the list.

If you file from the US, you will, ideally, pay one fee that will include all details of your mark. Israel has its own criteria and limits for what can be registered but your lawyer should present you with one comprehensive fee that covers everything. Paying your US trademark registration fee in Israel should not be cryptic in the age of transparency

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