June 3, 2021 In Business Law in Israel

What Do You Want in a Business Law Firm

Your business team, even if you are a one man or one woman show, should, unequivocally, include a legal expert.

What to Look For in a Business Law Firm:

  • a personalized approach
  • a lawyer or team of lawyers, who will explain anything and everything, from soup to nuts, that pertains to setting up, maintaining, or sustaining a business, big or small
  • ideally, you want a savvy ivy league scholar with a down to earth attitude, who will navigate the trenches for you and help you stay at the top of your game
  • a legal eagle whose due diligence will save you time, money and a lot of worry and anxiety
  • an advocate who’ll tend to your affairs as though they were his own
  • a perfectionist in his or her work but compassionate to his or her clients’ situation or situations

In What Instances Would You Need a Business Law Firm?

  • starting a company
  • mapping out an organizational structure of the business to comply with any legalities, rules and regulations
  • Regulatory compliance, in the event that you choose to start a public company or to turn your company public. This would involve SOX, GLBA, HIPAA and any other regulations that might apply
  • anything involving contracts and agreements of any kind
  • litigation involving present or past employees
  • business disputes
  • arbitration
  • dissolution of a company or companies

Whether you have business experience or not, you have to become the highest priority and very important person for any business law firm that will undertake to represent you. As long as you heed the best professional advice that you will get, your advocate will always go to bat for you. David Page, a lawyer with top notch credentials, is licensed both in the United States and Israel, will help you climb higher and higher in your trek, without missing a step.

If I Want to Go Into Business With a Close Friend or Relative, do I Still Need a Business Law Firm?

Whether you want to go into or get out of any business arrangement, partnership, in order to avoid any forgotten details, misunderstandings, or misinformation, you want to have everything in order and that means writing everything down, with attention to the minutest elements. Documents for any reason, from contracts to letter templates for hiring employees or securing the services of professionals from without the business, to letters of termination or anything that is binding, should be perused if not edited, by legal experts.

In order to avoid any unforeseen entanglements and keep things smooth and streamlined, prudence would be key here. For all the warm sentiments and good intentions with regard to close friends or relatives, a day might come when that signed contract will save a lot of grief and trouble. If all goes well and no dispute should arise, the document will just stay in its file as a formality and if the tide turns turbulent, the document can be a stabilizing force.

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