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What is a corporate ligation attorney in Israel?

Corporate litigation is more than just a business suing another business. It encompasses any lawsuits that have anything to do with a business or a corporation. To begin with, it is different than other types of litigation, and these involve a lengthy legal battle and money. The handling of any corporate dispute in Israel depends upon the corporation or business and the matter at hand. Often, the process is also dependent upon the corporate litigation attorney in Israel but is liable to the lawyer’s ability and integrity. On the surface, it includes resolving disputes, which may lead to lawsuits, going for litigation, and managing the legal procedures in the company.

Companies approach corporate litigation differently. At times the company may go for the trial and fight to snatch the victory in court, and yet sometimes the company may go for a settlement to avoid that very lawsuit. To ensure the company takes the right decision and to guide the company through the process, after the decision, is the work of a corporate litigation attorney. Corporate litigation attorney in Israel ensure:

  • The company complies with anti-discriminatory, wages, and labor hour laws of Israel.
  • Corporate real estate issues are handled smoothly.
  • The company has the accountings and books maintained according to the latest governmental regulations.
  • The company has up to date taxation history.
  • The company is protected from the lawsuits for wrongful termination, shareholder issues, breach of contract, and injury due to services or products.
  • Settlement of management and labor disputes.

Corporate litigation attorneys in Israel are also involved in the Alternative Dispute Resolution. ADR includes mediation and arbitration, where the litigation attorneys try to reach a settlement and avoid the dispute from reaching a trial.


can be understood as a mini-trial. It is the formal of the two ADR methods. In arbitration, the arbitrator delivers a decision by just studying the case on both the sides. There is no witness or arguing the case involved in this process. When both parties agree to arbitration, they accept the decision that the arbitrator would deliver and not take the case to court. The benefit of arbitration is that it is hushed, fast, economical, and confidential.


is an informal process of ADR. The process involves both parties meeting with their respective legal counsel (if they want) in front of a mediator. The entire process is informal and dependent upon the mediator. The mediator hears both sides and then offers them a settlement to reach a joint agreement.

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