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Why is it important to choose the best law firm in Israel?

Israel is not only the country of Start-ups and research but also the country with the highest number of lawyers for its citizens. According to the last governmental survey, there is one lawyer in Israel per 145-150 citizens. The entire Israeli society experienced a wave of awareness regarding the law in the decade 1970-80. This awareness led to the citizens knowing about their rights, duties, and the correct ways to resolve their issues with the state or an individual. The entirety of the society turned toward the law, and the pre-existing attorneys or the so-called best law firms in Israel couldn’t bear the sudden increase in the workload. The nation needed lawyers, and the efforts were made by the government and private entities to open institutions for legal studies.

Many youngsters enrolled, and with the change in millennia and the end of the very first decade of the 21st century, Israel had become the country with the highest lawyer density. The rise of research and start-ups also rose the importance and the requirement of lawyers. The corporate culture developed in the country due to the start-ups also helped in structuring the law firms.

The reasons to choose the best law firms in Israel

Since Israel has a very high density of lawyers, it becomes vital to choose the right lawyer or the law firm because, in this crowd of lawyers, not everyone is the same.

If you are an individual looking for an attorney, you will get confused in the ocean of advertisements for law firms. It would be best if you chose the right law firm because not everyone would be honest with you and your case. Many law firms may not even look closely at the requirements of your case and offer you a general solution that may later result in an issue. You may be given an untrained attorney if you do not represent a big corporation or have much to offer in terms of monetary benefit.

If you represent a corporation, the law firms may see you as a golden goose, and they may bill you for services that you didn’t need in the first place. Every law firm in Israel is not adept at corporate law and may not have the expertise or the experience required in your corporation. A right law firm is essential if your corporation is based on some intellectual property.

An option for a Law Firm in Israel

David Page and his law firm have been actively working in the domain of corporate law, intellectual property, and real estate. They also deal with cases in other fields, but they are preferred by many Israeli corporations in intellectual property law, corporate law, and financial advice. David has an experience of 19 years as an attorney, and he is an excellent litigator, Regulatory compliance expert, and financial advisor. The firm has a strict policy of no surprises in billing. They abhor the way of hourly billing and work toward a client-specific solution. The firm is known for its integrity and transparency.        

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