Wills, US Trusts and Estates Lawyer in Israel

A lawyer in Israel who is expert in the matter of wills, United States trusts and estates, also known as a probate lawyer, is indispensable and should be at the top of your list of priorities in any process for documenting your wishes regarding your estate, after you’re gone. Even if your last wishes echo those of others who you know, the only thing that is standard is that your document must be registered and validated by the legal system in Israel. Aside from that, assume nothing.

What if I Have American Documents?

Any document, affidavit, testimonial or handwritten will, US trust or anything pertaining to your estate or estates overseas, if drawn up in the United States, will not be recognized as any binding legal document in Israel. At the moment of truth, without the validation of the Israeli legal system, by way of notarization, either from a court clerk, judge, or attorney who is a notary, you will, at some point, most indubitably, be caught with your pants down.

You can use your wills, US trusts and estates papers from the United States, as a basis for drawing up new papers in Israel with a qualified lawyer. You would do well to hire a lawyer who can explain every detail to you in a language you will understand, so that you will be certain to put in all that you intend and leave nothing to open interpretation after your death.

Why is a Lawyer So Crucial in Israel?

A top grade lawyer in Israel will be your best asset in drawing up any will, trust and estate document in Israel. If any unnecessary words are in the text or, the opposite, any essential information left out, nobody and nothing will be able to recover or prove your wishes, once you have passed on. The law offices of David Page, who is licensed both, in the US and Israel, will take the utmost care in ensuring that your legacy will be respected and all your wishes will be fulfilled.

Overlooking or not recognizing the importance of such a legal arm is a guarantee that your inheritors have a lot of stress and anxiety, at the time when they need to find calm and recover from their grief.

Trustees, Wills and Estates Executors in Israel

Whether you empower your attorney as executor of your estate, or appoint a close friend or blood relative as trustee, all must be spelled out unequivocally, without any shadow of a doubt. The documents must be notarized and filed with the courts that will stamp them to prove that they’d been recorded and taken their proper place in the Israel court system. Once filed and recorded, a copy will be sent to each beneficiary named in the document or documents, with the originally signed papers safely filed at the law firm.

Leave nothing to chance or happenstance. Due diligence will save all concerned much trouble, in the long run. Wills, US trusts and estates require a lawyer in Israel, not some boilerplate document that someone else wrote. Take the time and trouble to protect your interests in a proper and organized manner.

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