Your US and Israeli Lawyer (Attorney) in Jerusalem

If you are looking for legal advice, guidance or assistance regarding Israeli or American law, you can turn to David Page Law, your US and Israeli lawyer (attorney) in Jerusalem. David Page law is uniquely situated to provide assistance regarding both Israeli and US law systems as well as the intersection of both. David Page is licensed to practice law in both the United States and in Israel which allows the David Page Law office to facilitate all legal needs according to the code in the relevant jurisdiction.


The David Page Law office offers services to both domestic and international clients. David Page Law specializes in a number of legal fields including business law, contract law, will and estate planning law, intellectual property law, real estate law and more.

When you execute any type of legal procedure you need a seasoned, competent lawyer to make sure that your interests are properly represented. You can find standardized legal forms and contracts on the Internet for many procedures but by relying on them, you put your interests at risk.  Such standardized documents often lack the specifications that you need for your particular circumstances and oftentimes those documents don’t protect you in a court of law.

Business Law

David Page Law can help your business with all needs regarding partnerships, liabilities, work delegations, breach of contract, transactions, competition and anti-trust issues, rights of shareholders, compensation and worker rights. Knowing that your business is in line with all accepted codes and standards will protect your company in all legal situations.

Contract Law

If your business or, in your personal life, you are preparing to draw up a contract, you will need the services of David Page Law to ensure that any contract will safeguard your interests in event of a challenge or disagreement. If the original contract isn’t properly drawn up, you can find yourself at a significant legal disadvantage if the agreement is broken or challenged by the contract’s other signatory/signatories.

Will and Estate Planning Law

If you are making a will or planning an estate you need David Page Law to draft the will/estate plan in a way that ensures that your wishes are carried out as you plan. If the will or estate plan involves beneficiaries or property in both the United States and in Israel David Page Law can draft the documents in a way that meets the requirements of both jurisdictions.

Intellectual Property Law

To register a patent or a trademark that is accepted in both the United States and in Israel, rely on David Page Law. Trademark and patent registrations are facilitated in a way that ensures that your intellectual property will be protected worldwide.

Real Estate Law

Regardless of whether you are renting or purchasing a property, make sure that David Page Law draws up or reviews the contract to assess how your rights will be secured. Failing to secure a proper legal contract can put you at risk of losing thousands of shekels in damages, loss of property, court costs and more.

Protect your legal rights with the services of the David Page Law Office.

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